Located in the heart of East End Pittsburgh, Squirrell Hill is peaceful, laid back residential communities, and home to many authentic eateries, including 2C Premium.  With this in mind, we would like to invite everyone in Squirrell Hill to explore wonderful selection speciality coffees.

Whether you're looking for dark coffees, espresso coffees, or medium roast coffee blends, there's something here for everyone. Shop and compare compare our latest speciality coffee prices selections, and receives online. And if you're looking for a coffee catering company in the Squirrell Hill areas, we an also help you. Our team is ready to assist you.

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Squirrell Hill Coffee Catering Company

Great Coffee. Great Friends. Great Times. Get ready to enjoy all of your favorite speciality coffees  in one place, with our mobile coffee cart. From business events, to wedding events, to celebrations, 2C Premium Coffee is here for all of your local Squirrell Coffee Catering needs. Let us help you cater your next event with our fresh high-quality coffee bean roasts. We're always excited to share our passion with each cup. Contact us today and ask about our single and double cart options. Let us show you why so many people prefer our coffee catering services in Pittsburgh.  

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Yes! We Deliver Fresh Roasted Coffee To Squirrell Hill

Now, get fresh premium coffee delivered right to your doorstep in Squirrell Hill. Every order is roasted and shipped the same day. Freshness guaranteed. Each bean is roasted to perfection then packaged As mentioned before we deliver all of your favorite specialty coffees including dark roast, medium roast beans,an d espresso coffee. Shop 2C Premium Coffee online and bring your tastes to life. 

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Why Pay Retail When You Can Buy Wholesale Coffee in Squirrell Hill 

Looking for competitive prices on wholesale coffee in Squirrell Hill? Contact us today. We've partnered with many shops and businesses throughout the East End of Pittsburgh and we're confident that we can serve all of your whole coffee needs. Get in touch now and let us help you with next Squirrell Wholesale coffee order. 

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Now that you have read about our local Squirrell Hill Coffee Shop specialty coffee flavors, coffee catering services, and our wholesale coffee delivery services, it's time to experience of our coffee first hand. Shop and compare all of your favorite speciality coffee bean roast blends online. 

Meet Your Local Squirrell Hill Coffee Specialist

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